Fees & funding

  • Fees are currently £10 per half session/ £18 for a full session for non-funded children. Although Fife Education provide funding for children the term after their third birthday, we ask for donations of snack money, currently £0.70 per session. It is possible to split your funding entitlement between the Playgroup and another establishment or receive funding elsewhere but also attend Playgroup and pay fees for their sessions. Please speak to the Playgroup Manager regarding detailed information about funding.
  • Fees and snack money are payable at the beginning of each term via your bank.
    If you are unable to pay for the entire term, please speak to the Administrator or Manager and you will be able to set up a payment plan.
  • Fees are still payable even if your child does not attend (such as due to illness or holidays).
  • If the Playgroup has to be closed for longer than 3 days due to any adverse conditions, i.e. bad weather, burst pipes or heating problems, fees will not be charged.  You will have the option of using additional sessions or being refunded for sessions missed during the closed period. Refunds must be requested in writing within 14 days from the first date of the closure.
  • The Playgroup is sensitive towards any special requests regarding payment of fees. We accept childcare vouchers and are already registered with several schemes. If you wish to pay fees in a different manner please speak to the Administrator or Manager.
  • Parents must give 2 weeks notice of leaving in writing to the Manager. This should not include holiday periods.

Late/Non-Payment of Fees

If you are unable to pay fees on time for any reason please speak to either the Administrator or the Manager to arrange alternative arrangements. In special circumstances, it is possible to arrange an extension or weekly payments if required.

The Playgroup operates a procedure for dealing with late or non-payment of fees, which includes the issue of reminders, written warnings, withdrawing the child’s place and further proceedings to obtain outstanding monies

Stage 1: If payment is not made by the date of the invoice, the Manager will send out a reminder letter. There will be a £10 charge for every 2 weeks fees are overdue.

If payment is not forthcoming by the date of this letter:

Stage 2: The Manager will pass the details on to the Administrator, who will write to the parents/guardians requesting payment by a specific date and inviting the parents/guardians in for a further discussion.

If they are unable to make payment in full and a payment plan is subsequently agreed, this will be confirmed in writing to the parent/guardians, who will also be asked to sign and return an agreement to the payment plan.

If no payment has been forthcoming, or a payment plan has not been agreed then:

Stage 3: The Administrator will telephone the parents/guardians requesting payment /part payment by a specific date and will request a more formal meeting to discuss the situation otherwise their child will no longer have a place at the Playgroup.  

If no payment at all has been forthcoming by a specified date nor a payment plan agreed in writing, or if the payment plan has not been adhered to (as detailed in Stage 2 above), then:

Stage 4: The Administrator will write to parents/guardians confirming that their child no longer has a place at the Playgroup because of their non-payment of fees and that the Committee reserves the right to take further steps to recover the unpaid fees and any associated costs, this could mean using a debt collection agency or taking the parents to the small claims court system.

While the above actions may appear drastic, we hope that none of these procedures will be required to be implemented. We would much rather you speak to either the Administrator or the Manager if at any time you find yourself having difficulty making payments. Individual arrangements can then be made to suit all parties.