Cupar Pre-School Playgroup is a charity and belongs to you, the parents/carers – not to the staff or Fife Council. This gives you much more opportunity to be involved in your child’s care and education in partnership with the staff team.

The parents, carers, grandparents and childminders of the children at Playgroup each year are eligible to join the committee. The formation of the committee is essential to maintain charitable status, to meet insurance conditions with Early Years Scotland and registration requirements with the Care Inspectorate.

The Playgroup encourages and welcomes the participation of everyone. If you have any suggestions or skills you think will be useful please do not hesitate to share them with staff or the Committee.

There are many different ways parents, grandparents and carers can contribute, for example:

  • contributing to your child’s Personal Learning Plans and keeping staff up-to-date with relevant information regarding your child;
  • joining the committee and helping in the management of the Playgroup;
  • participating in fundraising and social events;
  • welcoming new parents/carers;
  • helping organising trips/visits for the children;
  • do you have a job, skills, hobbies or interests that you can share with the children such as police, fire, carpenter, musical etc?; or 
  • do you have any contacts that may be of use to the Playgroup?


The Playgroup is a non-profit making charitable association, owned by you, the members, for the benefit of your children.  Whilst the fees paid cover essential items of expenditure such as wages, rent, food, insurance, administration, cleaning etc, each term fundraising is still required to cover items such as craft material, ink to print the photographs, toys & equipment and training for staff. The more money raised, the better the provision for the children.

Fundraising is therefore an integral part of running the Playgroup and maintaining the excellent standard it currently has. The Playgroup needs all of its members to participate and cooperate (however small) with our fundraising events, to ensure the very best for all our children.

If you have any fundraising ideas please inform any member of the Committee or Playgroup staff. If you are hosting any home based parties (such as body shop, avon etc) please consider doing it for the Playgroup and donating the commission. Perhaps you could sell cakes at your work or you may work for a company who could make a donation of money to buy resources or a prize for our raffles.