• The children wear indoor shoes while indoors, such as slippers or pumps. Please ensure these have a hard sole.
  • Please remember to name items – bags, coats and shoes as staff need to find these during the session and at the end when the children get ready to go home.
  • It is not required that children will be toilet trained prior to taking up a place. Please leave a couple of spare nappies or pull-ups plus wipes and nappy sacks in your child’s bag.
  • Please speak to the staff to ensure consistency of care if your child is in the process of being toilet trained. Although we return soiled underwear, please remember we do not have appropriate washing facilities at Playgroup.
  • We go out in all weather. During the autumn and winter months, please ensure your child has a coat, hat, gloves, scarf and suitable footwear for outdoor play. During the summer, please ensure your child has suncream on and that they have sun hats and sunglasses in their bags. Please put names on these.

When your child states, you will be asked to consent to staff applying suncream to your child.  Please apply suncream before your child is dropped off at Playgroup and keep the bottle in their bag. As all suncream stain clothing, the Playgroup will not accept any liability for this.